Ok so … exactly what will we do when Trump is gone?

What’s going to happen when that golden flapping fiber flips for the last … when our tv volumes can resume to it’s normal accommodating level … when our children’ won’t be repeating obscenities they heard on day time tv … and where normal , people become the norm again in our journalists that write, read or herald doom and gloom on a daily basis?

What’s going to happen when the vacuum of fear, anxiety, bigotry and hatred vanishing from our lives appears and normality resumes?

Will you have a party??

What will we do? Will our lives be the same and what will we do with all this spare air??

5 thoughts on “Ok so … exactly what will we do when Trump is gone?”

  1. Good question. Personally, I hope that the spare time that we retrieve can be used on issues, on how best to remain involved. I hope we are never taken by surprise by something like this again. Activism is the key.

  2. We will exhale. Exhale and focus our never-ending angst or total infatuation towards yet again the “New Political Target”.
    America will then be totally mesmerized by the next Great Hope or the next total pariah.

    We don’t want a leader as much as we want a celebrity. We don’t need to hear policy and discourse as much as our ADHD brains need the next shiny thing to look at. and maybe a brand new fidget spinner to occupy our dwindling grey matter.

    We are fucked no matter who sits in the Oval Office.

    1. I think you are only referring to a certain section of the population… after some of the recent shootings at schools and the crazy upturn in racist marches and celebrations of divisive figures of a historical nature , as well as the infringements of personal rights and an erosion of an inclusive open (FREE) atmosphere … among other real issues that have come screaming in to the consciousness of the young wistful American .. and indeed the young people of the world.
      Those who are not old enough to know of World Wars or suspicion, who see other young people just like them looking back through instagram and snapchat or dare I say it facebook posts or tweets sharing fun and humor..
      Youtube for all its wrongs has served to unite us…
      This ability to set the scene with a silly video or something to sing along to all of a sudden gave people a shared interest and an openness that had no class or race, no borders or distance , no open oceans to breech..
      just faces, happy smiling faces looking back saying “hi.. how are you doin”?
      Technology has brought these kids or us the thing that we as a people needed the most … knowledge, friendship, bonding , sharing and reaching out… its the most basic of human instincts and its what separated us from all the other species on earth … to share, collaborate and form groups is where shared interests and goals can be found and reacted to in real time, as well as in the real world as we’ve seen with the woman’s mach which was a global event.
      There was always going to be setbacks… ppl are quite reactive and restless for change.
      Coming off the back of a global recession was never going to be an easy thing but folk want change… and for all its wrongs America is dynamic in how it can change it leaders and its course as a country , at least compared to some of the regimes or past civilizations.. and as much damage as we may think one individual can do to a country or a planet, the reality is just like nature would take this planet back in 1000 years of existence without humans paring it back, so does our species in its evolution and progression … and no matter how much man kind has been suppressed, there are countless of examples where freedom and hope became a reality born from struggle and turmoil.
      #staystrong #nosurrender #freedom

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