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    1300 level heater
    Electric infrared oven is designed to efficiently preheat substrate before it is coated or cure coating after it has been coated.
    OEM: Available
    Delivery time: 2 weeks
    FOB price:$
    Key features:
    1.Short wavelength heating halogen bulbs
    2.Fast heat-up/cool-down
    3.Adjustable halogen bulb output Cooling fan
    4.Integrated electrical control panel
    Primary uses:
    Substrate preheat
    Coating curing
    Working Width1300mm
    Working Thickness2-90mm
    Max.feeding speedFrequency alternator
    Feeding powerFeeding power1.5kw
    Heating power16.2kw
    Winder power0.48kw*4
    Total motor power19.62kw
    1. Machine guarantees 12 months.(The host machine warranty for one year, the wearing parts is no guarantee, but support will be provided)
    2. 24 hours technical service by email or calling.
    3. English manual and operation video.
    Product Details:Infrared Dryer factory

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