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    Ceramic balls could be separated into two types: non-oxide ceramic balls (such as silicon nitride, Si3N4 balls) and oxide ceramic balls (such as alumina and zirconia balls). Weight of a Si3N4 ceramic ball is less than half weight of a general steel ball. Besides, ceramic balls have excellent performance of corrosion resistance, antirust, wear resistance, high working temperature, electrical insulation etc. Thus, these balls are using in aerospace, high precision bearings, wind power generation, pumps, valves etc.
    Si3N4 BALL
    Size range0.4 mm up to 100 mm (4″)
    Grades2C, 3C, 5C, 10C, 16C, 24C, 48C
    StandardASTM F2094/F2094M – 14

    Surface Roughness4 – 6 nm
    Corrosion resistanceExcellent
    HardnessHRC 78
    Electric insulationYes
    Corrosion resistanceExcellent
    High temperature resistanceYes, over 1050 ?

    Aerospace, National defense, chemical industry, Metallurgical, Medical, Food, Oil plant, Electronic etc.Bulk Ceramic Balls

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