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    Air compressor oil filter is used to filter the oil of a device, is a vulnerable parts, a good filter can timely remove impurities in the air compressor oil, ensure the normal use of air compressor.
    The function of oil filter of air compressor: remove the metal particles and impurities in the oil of air compressor to ensure the cleanliness of oil circulation system and protect the safe operation of the main engine.
    Air compressor oil filter material: filter paper
    Air compressor oil filter life: usually 1500~2000 hours, can be adjusted according to environmental conditions.The oil filter clogging alarm setting value is generally 1.0-1.4bar.
    BrandDimensionsApplicable models
    HandeW1214575A/55KW above
    The hydraulic filter element is used in the hydraulic system to remove the particles and impurities and rubber impurities in the system to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.
    1. It is used in high-pressure section, medium-pressure section, oil return section and oil absorption section.
    2. High, medium and low precision grades. Two to five microns are high precision, ten to fifteen microns are medium precision, fifteen to twenty-five microns are low precision.
    3. To compress the final size of the filter element and increase the filtration area, the general filter layer is folded into a corrugated shape, and the pleating height of the hydraulic filter element is generally less than 20mm.
    4. The pressure difference of the hydraulic filter element is generally 0.35-0.4mpa.
    5. The highest temperature, under some requirements up to 135 ℃.
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    Hande offer Air filter Element and Assemblies, air/oil filters for all screw air compressors.In a compressed air system air/oil separators, air filters and oil filters all work together closely, when one dose not work properly, other filter systems installed downstrem may well lose performance and service life.
    The fine – tuned interaction of our air/oil separators, air filters and oil filters offers your compressor system ideal protection with a considerable increase in efficiency.Oil Filter

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