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    The difference between system window and common window
    1.Different technical equipment

    It has two advantages over traditional technology. One is expansion, tension and fixing technology, the other is injection sealing technology. Each cast aluminium corner code consists of two pieces of cast aluminium. When the stainless steel hollow pin is penetrated, the two pieces of cast aluminium will open automatically. With the matching tolerance of the pin hole of the corner code and the pin hole of the profile, the two 45 degree spliced profiles will be tightened and fixed firmly. After fixing, the next step is to inject glue into the corner code through the injection hole of the pin. When the injection is finished, the 45 degree joint of the profile is completely sealed with glue from the inside of the cavity. In this way, the gap between the corner code and the profile cavity is completely sealed, which effectively ensures the good air tightness of the system doors and windows.

    2. Stability and performance

    System doors and windows have independent technical departments, will pin each component for strict testing and inspection, to ensure the stability of doors and windows. After 2 to 3 years of research and development of the system doors and windows, the performance and quality of the materials and the whole doors and windows are comprehensively tested, and mature products are launched after achieving the expected goals.

    Ordinary doors and windows are assembled by ordering different parts according to their own needs. Because of various factors such as different quality and performance of each part, the stability in the process of use is relatively poor; moreover, they are temporarily integrated doors and windows products for a single project, often without comprehensive testing.
    3. Flexibility

    System doors and windows are serialized and standardized products, each component is fixed according to different performance, groove structure, material supply and so on has strong exclusiveness and incompatibility, is based on the needs of the project selection series, flexibility is small, but now it is the era of customization, system doors and windows can be designed according to customer needs.

    Ordinary doors and windows can be equipped with components according to their own needs. Door and window materials can be selected by domestic and foreign manufacturers, or can be temporarily molded. It has strong flexibility, but its quality and standardization can not be guaranteed.
    Upvc casement window advantages:
    1). High UV resistance
    2). High color fade resistance. Our pvc profile can promise 50 years color fade resistance
    3). High impact resistance
    4). Have a good arrest toughness
    5). Any color are available: Grey, Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red and so on.
    6). PVC profile suitable of glazing bead for window profile.

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