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    Product Description
    Product Nameart flavored disposable drinking straws
    CertificationSGS, STS, ISO, FDA
    MaterialFDA proved food grade paper
    Temperature- 10 ~ 50 ºC
    Common Size6*197mm / 8*197mm / 10*197mm etc.
    Package10000 PCS/CTN
    Carton size60*41*34 / 57.5*42.5*58 etc.
    Produce timeAbout 15 days
    Shipping portNingbo / Shanghai etc.
    Why choose us?
    1:In order to better improve the customer experience, Starrysky Company strictly controls the paper scraps inside the tube.
    2:Avoid contamination of the product during the entire production process. The company is equipped with special overalls, dust caps, gloves, shoes, etc. to ensure the quality of the products.
    3:Starrysky Company has a professional sales team.
    1:Do you make Paper Straws for Smoothies?
    Yes! We make big, fat & long Smoothie Straws for.
    2:Why are Paper Straws so expensive? Plastic Straws are cheap!
    Good question, because we’re using FDA approved food grade material which is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Whereas Plastic does not decompose and as we can all see, is one of the most harmful elements to nature.
    3:Are paper straws compostable?
    Paper straws are 100% compostable and will break down wherever they end up – in the compost, landfill, recycling, or the environment.Drinking Straw

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